Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Patriot's beautiful face!

Patriot's ears are not the normal horse ears, they turn in at the top point. I am sure that this will revel some of his background, just not sure what that might be.


Karen C. said...

Hi! I checked out the new addition the other day at work, but it would not let me comment. Not only did I notice the resemblance of Tripp you mentioned, I noticed those cute ears! :-) What a beauty! He looks like he has the same type of nose that Tripp does....something about that nose that makes my heart melt! Looks like you all are doing great! Woo hoo!

Sophie said...

Some Arabians have ears like that! My mustang filly who came from Beatys Butte Oregon has huge ears that curve in a little too. When I was training her to lead she would plant her feet and pull back and she earned the affectionate nickname "Mule", because her ears are so big!