Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Tuff learning to respect Kirstin's space and also to stand still until Kirstin cues him to come to her. He mastered this in 2 training sessions. He amazes us-he is so smart and catches on so quickly.
Kirstin trying to desensitize Tuff to a rope swinging all around his body, but it's hard to desensitize a horse who just isn't bothered by it. Even when the rope wrapped completely around one of his hind hooves, he didn't do anything.
Ok, now Kirstin found something new to work with. Here she is trotting Tuff at a lead for the very first time. As you can see, he's throwing his shoulder in towards her. Her huge roan last year did that all of the time and it is not a good thing. So now she will teach him to keep his shoulder off of her.
Kirstin works Tuff twice a day-once in the morning and once in the evening. The morning training is done inside of the roundpen because her father & I are at work, but evening time she now gets to venture outside of the roundpen. Tuff was a little nervous about his first trip outside of the roundpen-so much new stuff.

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