Monday, June 22, 2009

Kirstin's reign as Rodeo Queen comes to an end):

Friday was a very bittersweet day for all of us especially Kirstin. For the past year, Kirstin has been the Rodeo Queen for our small town; Stockdale, TX. Kirstin tried so hard to change the way the city thought of their rodeo queen. There is no requirement that the rodeo queen have any horse background what so ever, but Kirstin felt very strongly that a rodeo queen should be a horse person. Unfortunately her efforts fell on deaf ear, this year's rodeo queen doesn't even like horses, pretty sad isn't it?
Friday evening, Kirstin used Trigger for the rodeo, for 2 reasons: Taz is still recovering from a small injury right about his hoof and we didn't want her running him in the arena but most importantly Kirstin was doing an exhibition barrel race and Trigger is the one who loves to run the barrels.
Saturday morning was TAZ's time. Even though he still has a small sore right above his hoof we figured him walking the parade route wouldn't hurt him. He did great of course- he really loves being in parades-he's a big show off! This brings to an end Kirstin's reign and last parade as rodeo queen. The fact that we don't have to worry about getting horses ready for a parade is the sweet part-no more early, early Saturday mornings, but the fact that Kirstin is no longer queen is the bitter part she did such a fantastic job.


Anonymous said...
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Karen C. said...

Hi! I am not here to tell you how to make money with your blog. I am a horrible business person! Ha!

I am here to tell you all that I thought being a Rodeo Queen meant that you had to be involved with horses! Kirstin, you at least tried to open their eyes to what a Rodeo Queen is about. This person who doesn't even like horses has the title - ONLY the title. Kirstin, you have the heart! Later in High School or college, you will have your chance again, and you can show that new girl what a real Rodeo Queen does! I just don't get it...
Keep your chin up! You have great things ahead of you!