Monday, June 22, 2009

Tuff's first time out of the pen

Tuff's first time out of the pen and he doesn't seem to be phased by being out in the open. This tarp was laying on the ground, so Kirstin decided to see if Tuff would walk across it. At first he wasn't to sure, but once Kirstin stepped on it, he figured that if she could do it, then he could do it, too.Next, came time to start trailer training. Kirstin wants to take Tuff to her drill team practice this Friday evening, but he needs to know how to load in a trailer. This was Tuff's first try, and I think he was more curious than anything else, because he went straight on even with Kirstin staying on the ground.

Oh, what a good boy! Tuff went straight on and then enjoyed his reward-a nice scratching on the neck.

Although, Tuff hasn't been taught a back up cue yet, he backs off the trailer each time. Kirstin actually loaded Tuff 4 different times, each time with him going on easier & easier. Later that evening she loaded him again 4 different times.
Looks like Tuff will be going with us this Friday night.


Karen C. said...

Kirstin, I have been selected to be a trainer again this year - I will be at the EMM in Tennesse in October. Can you please come help me with my mustang? :-) Oh wait...I have not picked him up yet. But when I do, can you come help?
You are doing great!

Karen and Tripp

Careen said...

You are doing an outstanding job with Tuff! Both of you are looking awesome. You are doing so much with him so early- YEAH! You are going to be a TUFF competitor this year. Can't wait to meet up with ya'll! CAREEN

caitlyn! said...

kirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsten!!!!!!!!1 oh my goodnes, the progress you have had with tuff is so amazzzing! everytime i get on here i admire your work more and more, its just flat out unbelievable.. me on the other hand not doing so well, its day 10 for us i think and i cant even touch mine unless im above her while she's in the chute, even then i can only pet her back and butt. i named her fancy, it kinda just randomly came to me ha dont know why but its her name:) welll any advice you might have would sooo greatly appreciated, ha i feel like a newby this year even though i trained sadie mae last year, cause she was kinda like tuff is, easy to train and just loved to be around me, unfortunately fancy isint so easy. email me asap at

make sure you put countrygal then 1028 its not 2 l's or 2 ones! thanks