Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tuff & Trigger

Kirstin thought it would be fun to try & pony Tuff. Last year she used her trusty old horse, Trigger to pony the 3 yearlings and it worked great. This year Trigger doesn't seem to like Tuff to well, he kept trying to bite him which is usually unheard out of Trigger.

Tuff gets a little love for being such a good boy!

Tuff wasn't sure about getting on the trailer with Trigger in front of him, he's used to having the trailer all to himself. Kirstin will have to work on this a little more before Friday evening. This could be the 1 thing that keeps Tuff home this week. We got all excited about him loading so easily, that we forgot to consider him loading with another horse and him standing tied in the trailer calmly and patiently-might be a road block. But, we're not going to rush into anything, would hate to see all that Kirstin has accomplished go down the drain because we rushed something.

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Ashley said...

Shame on Trigger. That's not like him at all!!! I wonder why he acted like that. It's not like he hasn't been around male horses before. I bet he's jealous!! I'm so proud of my little sister. She continues to amaze me and I can't wait to see what she can teach Tuff!