Thursday, June 25, 2009


Just so all of you know, TAZ is not forgotten about, but he is living the life of a horse now. We no longer feel that Kirstin needs to ride him everyday. He has a brand new very large turn out where he gets to spend his days with tons of shade trees and wonderful dirt to roll around in. He is loving his new home. But he hasn't forgotten any of us. If we come up to the fence, he heads straight for us, if we are doing any work out in his pen, he is right besides us-he loves us! He is the sweetest horse ever.

Just look at those eyes. He has the most beautiful and the sweetest eyes I have ever seen in a horse!

Taz posing for the camera, isn't he gorgeous!

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Hoof'n It said...

YES! He is gorgeous! It is amazing how these guys are maturing. Hard to believe they are still babies.

Until later...Karen and Tripp