Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dad surprised me and moved my round pen and then he set up my obstacle course inside it. Not only does it look awesome, it is so much easier to train the yearlings in. He and my brother worked really hard to get this done while I was in town with my mom. It was a really great surprise.

OK, still working on the saddling of Mia. This was the first time I put a leather saddle on her. She is pretty accepting, but tries to chew on the stirrups. I wasn't brave enough to hook the flank strap.

Getting real brave here. I just wanted to see what she would do. It's too early to get on her back, but she seemed ok with a little bit of pressure in the stirrup.

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Karen C. said...

Hi Kirstin! I am at work and normally it won't let me leave comments...but I had to try anyways. Our internet is out at home right now - so am resorting to doing this at break. :-)

Mia looks cute with a saddle on!

We will be leaving tomorrow morning real early, staying south of Oklahoma City, then getting into Ft. Worth Wednesday morning.

Will be seeing you soon!!!!! I can't believe we are this close already. Part of me is very sad to see this journey end. It has been incredible! The other part of me can't wait to find out what new journey awaits me!

See you soon!!!!

Karen and Tripp