Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kirstin rides Taz

Careen Hammock, Taz's trainer, lives only a couple of hours from us so she came out Sunday to teach Kirstin all of Taz's cues. What an amazing horse. I had to work Sunday so I didn't get to watch while Kirstin learned all of the different cues. But, she talked my head off when I got home. She was able to spin him, make him sidepass, of course, walk, trot, lope and stop on a dime. She learned that Taz will come up to you after lunging him, just by making a kissing noise and wriggling her fingers in a come here motion.
What did we as her parents learn? That Taz is the best investment that we have made for our family. She rode him last night and I can say without a shadow of a doubt I was 100% comfortable with her riding him without any supervision. She started out in the round pen and I think she was a little surprised when her dad said, OK now take him out of the round pen and have some fun. She rode until I called them in for supper. She loves practicing all of the cues-she's never had a horse that could sidepass or spin or stop the way he does. As a matter of fact, we are so comfortable with Taz that Kirstin will be riding him this weekend in the Parade that she has to go to . I will definitely post pictures of that so check back sometime next week. I took pictures of Kirstin riding last night but I forgot my flashdrive at home, so I can't load them today, but they will be up tomorrow.

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