Monday, September 22, 2008

Wow what an experience. My entire family had the time of our life there. My little guys didn't fare so well. They were great in the warm-up arenas but once they were in the spotlight they freaked. Traveller did the best of the three-no surprise, then Halona and then came Mia. Mia spotted something at the opposite end of the arena that she didn't like and she wanted nothing more than to leave. But, I am proud of all three. Saturday was a very difficult day for me, seeing my 3 babies go to new homes. I was fortunate and I got to meet all of the families that are adopting them and I am certain that they are going to good people who will love them as much as I do. My parents surprised me with a new horse while we were there. Here's a picture of him. Meet Taz, my new riding horse. Yes, he is the champion of the Idols division. He is fantastic, so calm and easy going. Careen if you ever read this, just know that I will take the best care of him and he will never be short of love. Everyone in my family already loves him. It helped knowing that I wasn't going home with an empty trailer.
To the trainers that I met; you all are amazing. I will treasure my time that I got to share with each of you. Karen C I cried when I saw you get Tripp back. Christina I am so sorry that Nine didn't get to go home with you-I know how heartbroken you are. Robert, thanks for spending some time with Mia in the warm up arena. Matt-Johnny Landers was absolutely amazing. Lauren & Caitlyn what are the chances that we would be stable neighbors-it was nice getting to know both of you-hope you enjoy the 2 yearlings and Pardon.

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Karen C. said...

Hi Kirstin and Kirstin's Mom!!!

Wow! I didn't know until tonite that you got to take Taz home! WOW! Girl, you got yourself an awesome little mustang! Woo hoo!

It was so great meeting all of you, and I am glad the babies all got homes.

Sunday when they announced that there were still yearlings that needed homes, Brian went looking and found a nice little bay gelding. He is so excited he can't stand it, and I am excited for him.

I can't believe how busy it was over the weekend! I love watching all the shows, and that is my main time to see everyone! But it is a good problem to have.

Please keep us posted on you and Taz!

Hugs to you all!!!!

Karen and Tripp
Hee hee.....I love being able to say 'Tripp' too!