Tuesday, September 9, 2008


This is Halona in the obstacle course. The idea here is to practice sharp pivots. She has to stay within the square. We walk straight in then do a 360 degree turn, stopping where we started. Halona is very good at sharp turns, who knows maybe she will make a good barrel prospect. She is especially good at turning around the barrels.

This was taken the same day as the picture above. I have made comments about Halona not forming a bond with me. But, now that we are just a week away from the show, she decides to let her guard down and bond with me. For those who don't know, Mustangs form an unbelievable bond with the person who trains them. They trust us and they look to us for protection, food, & love. Saturday; 9/20, is going to be the hardest day of my life when I give all 3 up for adoption. My parents have given me the option of keeping 1 of them, but recently when my only riding horse injured himself I realized that I really needed another riding horse. So, my decision was made for me, I plan on using whatever money I receive from this competition & adoption to purchase a riding horse. Who knows, maybe I will be able to adopt one of the Mustangs that have been trained to ride and will also be at this competition.


Karen Neuenschwander said...


Wow, girl! You've done such a great job with your mustangs! I wish I'd had your skills at age 14!

I know it'll be hard to let your 3 babies go. I get a big lump in my throat just thinking about the possibility of having to say goodbye to Eli! Maybe you can find your perfect match in one of the other Makeover horses.

Anyway, best wishes! I'll be cheering for you, and hope we get a chance to chat face to face in Ft. Worth!


sadie mae:) said...

oh my goodness i know what you mean! sadie mae has been running away EVERY time i let her in the yard on a lead rope! im so scared that she is going to do it at the competition..which wont be any good cause here there is a fence where she cant go anywhere..there on the otherhand.its an arena so im sure there is a lot of open spaces!!!!!
its like then i take her out i can just feel that she wants to break away.so i let her eat grass...then she gets ansy and bolts off!! she used to have this problem wen we first worked on trot,but she got rid of it now its back! so hopefully she will lose it before compe. but otherwise she is doing very very well

any also we are having to evacuate..AGAIN for hurricane ike..are u? and now we might not have place for the horses cause the place we kept them last time was in texas and they are evacuating this time too!!! im so scared cause the competition is soo soon!! anyway i got your number thanks ttyl:)

sadie mae:) said...

oh really well yea your pretty lucky to not have to evacuate!! it really isint the greatest thing in the world,kinda like moving..both of which i absolutely hate! and i understand how it is with the horses,thanks for the offer..i appreciate it even though u didnt hvave room its the thought that counts,but chuck duncan anther trainer lives 3 miles from where we evacuated to nd so hes letting us keep the babies there. i hope yall stay safe s far we are doing good..we lost power 3 times but it kicked back on all 3 times so..so far so good..how about you? im kinda worried about out house tough a tornadoe is supposed to be headed that way and hoefully it dies out!we are watching the weather channel reaLLY CLOSELY THOUGH JUST IN CASE! lol blog back when u get this if u have power still!thanks bye bye:)