Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Don't try this with just any horse!

What can I say, except wow! I couldn't believe that Traveller was actually OK with this. He actually seems to be enjoying the bonding time. I'm not sure who is more tired him or me? Can you believe that I've only been working with Traveller for 52 days(since 7/12)? He is quite amazing, I only wished I had more time with him. To be such an angry little guy to begin with and then to turn into this, someone will definitely have a wonderful horse when he gets completely trained.

The two sleeping beauties. I stayed here for a good 15 minutes just soaking in the sun.


Karen C. said...

Kirstin, that is just too cool for words! Last night one of the burros was laying down, and I thought about laying down by him...I don't think it would have gone as well as it did for you and Traveller! :-)

ACK! Two weeks! Hey, today Tripp trotted....I am not even going to ask him why. I am going with it.

See you soon!
Karen and Tripp

Karen C. said...

Kirstin, one more thing. Janet with the BLM is wanting stories to put on the web site. She would like them before the competition - so they can promote the mustangs for adoption. If you know anybody to share this with, have them e-mail her. :-)
Just need to write a little blurb about you and your yearlings.



Karen and Tripp

Karen C. said...

Hee hee hee...just one more thing. Don't forget to send pictures if you have a story for her.

See ya!

Karen and Tripp

lauren said...

hey kirstin!! this is caitlyn im 14 too!! lol yea i saw that you were making great progress with ur horses!!u have got soo much nerve to do 3 horses at once!!i mean cause i was struggling with just sadie for a while!! but it looks like your doing pretty good:) good luck in the competition..im soo nervous..u?anyway..me and sadie are struggling with her paying attention to me! she gets distracted soo easily,when we are in the front yard she wants nothing but gras,so i bring her to the rock driveway and she still fights to go to the grass.lol but the arena is not going to have grass luckily,so im not too worried about that,but she also gets distracted when she hears a horse whinny shewants to go see it so she will bolt away to go see them,and of course there is going to be a lot of whinnying at the competition cause the horses are all going to be in a new place..so hopefully she wont bolt away lol

anyway i know im typing a lot and sorry i just never blog so im trying to catch up now..anywho the tipi got about the hair worked!!we braided it and now only her baby hairs go to the opposite side!thanks so much,and also mrs.angie another competitor said sadie was doing so well so we are going to work on a final,not much time..but we gotta get to it..since we are from louisiana we are going to dress up in mardi gras things...i just dont know what to do for the routine..if you have any tips lease share!!

oh yea and do you have a cell phone
unlimited texting?
if so give me your number i would love to talk some times lol cause i hardly even get on here...mom is the one who just checked it and told me i had a comment sorry its been a LONGGG time:(
anyway ttyl

Jessica said...

Hey Kirstin,

Just wanted to wish you the best of luck as you prepare to go to Ft Worth. You and the horses look great! See ya soon! Jessica