Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Mia still has some problems backing. Trying to back her sometimes is like pushing on a brick wall. We will continue to focus on issues like this until next week.

Considering Mia's size, esp. her length, turning this sharply is pretty good. I just started using the barrels as part of her training. She is really good at swinging her hindquarters around the barrels. We practice weaving in and out and then we practice complete turns around the barrel.
Saturday, I wanted to take Mia down to our tank(pond for some). She loves to play in her water trough, so I wanted to see what she would do in a huge tank. Bad mistake. Got about half down there-just to the point that she had wooded-almost forest like-areas on both sides. Then Halona started neighing and Mia freaked. She started rearing up and then she bolted. I was unable to hang on. I have never seen this horse in a full out run. Boy, is she fast. She has a beautiful smooth gallop. She scared me a little because the gate at the end of the lane was closed and I was afraid that she would bolt right through the fence. Luckily my dad was welding in a pen just to the left of the gate and he had left that gate open. She made a very sharp left turn into that pen and stopped. Thank goodness she didn't hurt herself.

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