Monday, September 29, 2008

Kirstin & Taz

Here he is-Taz at his new home. What an exciting time for Kirstin. First of all she has never ridden a horse with this much training. Her Palomino that she rides is well broke, but only rides by reining-no leg training what so ever. Taz on the other hand she can ride him completely by legs-look mom no hands comes to mind. I'm sure that before long I will see her out in the middle of the pasture riding him without a halter or bridle on. She sits on the other horses back out in the middle of the field, so why not ride him? Obviously, he is already loved. Kirstin spends every spare minute with him.

These two make quite a pair. She is eager to ride him out in public to show him off. She has a lot of parades coming up and she is hoping to ride him in those very soon. The one comment that she made to me sums it up: Mom, I have a Mustang I can ride!

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Karen C. said...

Wow! Not only has Taz adopted you, you both have lots to plan for! I am so excited for all of you.

Keep us posted, and Priscilla, when you see Kirstin out there riding with no bridle/halter, etc., we would love pictures! :-)

Karen and Tripp