Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kirstin is just too funny. She had spent the entire summer training the 3 yearlings and then we bring home Taz. She has to work with Taz everyday also, after all he is still in training. He is wonderfully trained and we would hate to see him take a step backwards because he isn't worked with. Every once in awhile when Kirstin is really tired she does the typical teenage whine, I cave and say ok round pen work and saddle him, tie him for a little while and then you can have the rest of the evening off. She no sooner starts the round pen work and then you see a transformation take place. I suspect it is because Taz is so accomadating. Before you know it, Kirstin is up in the saddle and riding him all over the place and putting him through all of his paces-the spins, sidepasses, backing, stopping, etc... She is expanding her course and travelling further and further away from the house and even starting to lope him more. He has such a smooth trot, that she actually enjoys trotting him. Her dad rode him last night and couldn't believe how smooth his trot was-definitely the kind of horse a man likes to ride(haha). Taz is such a wonderful addition. Kirstin has another parade this weekend-not sure if we are taking Taz, but Saturday evening Kirstin will be taking Taz to her drill team meeting. They will be participating in fun activities and this will be the first time that she will get to see how he is with other horses in a drill team setting. Untimately, Kirstin will be using both Taz and Trigger for the drill team. Yes, all of our geldings names begin with"T" nothing we planned but they do. We had a Tex(RIP), Trigger, Traveller and now Taz. Completely coincidental but I sense a trend has been started. Even funnier-our 2 mares begin with "S"-Sakari & Summer.
Kirstin has started working with Sakari(her untrained 4year old mustang). We had sent Sakari off to be trained only to get her back almost 3 months later worse than when she left. That was the most expensive mistake I ever made. Now Kirstin is starting over with her and unfortunately, Sakari is much bigger, stronger & smarter. She has her work cut out for her.

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