Friday, October 10, 2008

Kirstin took Taz out to the back part of our place. We have about 110 acres with the back 65 being very natural and heavily wooded with trails cut through the woods. Taz did really well. He was exposed to this new area and Kirstin's dad was working on a fence back there, banging on post and moving wire around. Taz had a curious look on his face, with his head held high, but he did fantastic. Kirstin even took him down to the edge of the tank(pond for some). He wouldn't go in the water but he got close. I think Taz enjoyed the change of scenery.
These two make such a wonderful pair. Kirstin has never met a horse that doesn't like her or that she doesn't like. She just has a magical way with horses, she is so confident and exhibits no fear around them(even when I'm freaking out about their behavior). I hear "relax mom" so many times.
When Kirstin made the decision to put her yearlings up for adoption in hopes of being able to adopt one of the older mustangs, I'm sure she never dreamed of one like Taz. That decision was one of the hardest decisions she has ever made. At the time she made that decision, there was no guarantee that she would be bringing home a horse. When we won the bid on Taz, Kirstin couldn't quit smiling. She has been able to ride him since shortly after bringing him home and we've had no reservations about her working with him or riding him without our supervision. I am so happy that we were able to get him for Kirstin.

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