Sunday, October 26, 2008

Taz & Kirstin after the parade

Kirstin & Taz had a couple of important visitors. Here talking to Kirstin about Taz is Wilson County Judge Marvin Quinney. He had heard about Kirstin(her grandpa likes to brag) so he came over and introduced himself. As you can see Taz is behaving himself-maybe he knows that's the Judge there(haha)!

Here is the Constable from Precinct 3. He talked to Kirstin for quite a long time. He was really impressed with how well the two were doing.
Kirstin & Taz are taking in some of the post-parade activities. There is a band playing just on the other side of the fence. Some people roaming through different booths that were set up and then the brightly, colored flapping streamers that Taz had to check out. Luckily he didn't try eating any.

Taz likes to drink out of bottles. We learned this at his first parade. Makes it easy to keep him hydrated. So now we always make sure we have some extra water for him. This was really the sight for a lot of people-a horse drinking out of a bottle.

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