Sunday, October 12, 2008

Taz's 2nd parade

Taz & Kirstin looking beautiful for their 2nd parade. Taz did wonderful of course. Not one single freak out moment. He was a perfect gentleman. Tons of people came up to the two of them. They make such an attractive pair, they are irresistable. The Girl Scouts loved him, they kept feeding him hay from their trailer(of course Taz loved the Girl Scouts also)

Taz wasn't real sure about getting too close to these guys, I guess their size is a little overwhelming for him, but he got close enough for a picture.

This was the one thing that Taz did not like. He had to pass this to get to the clydesdales. He froze in his tracks when he saw it. He stared at it for a little while and then said to himself no way am I going by this thing. He slowly backed out of the area and we went a different way to get to the Clydesdales. It was just sooooo funny to watch him.

I finally got to sit down and watch the parade. Usually I stay with Kirstin, but this time her dad & I were so comfortable with Taz that we said see ya later and we went downtown and found a prime seat to watch the parade. It was awesome!

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