Sunday, October 12, 2008

Taz meets Kirstin's drill team

Same night as the parade, so Taz was really busy Saturday. Kirstin was so excited to be going to drill team because she has been dying to get Taz into an arena. It didn't take her long before she opened him up. They were captivating out there. Everyone was watching them, asking who's the new pony? We filled them all in on Taz's history. Everyone commented on how nicely he moved. She had the biggest smile on her face all evening long.

Kirstin just couldn't stop riding him, she loves the way he moves. She says that he is so smooth. She was so funny because her dad made her get off so that he could take him for a spin and she looked at me and said I want my horse back. She stood in the middle of the arena until her dad was done. Of course, Kirstin looks better on him than her dad(lol).

It's getting late here, but they are playing horse games now. This was Simon Says. Kirstin and Taz were doing great and were one of only 4 players left. The leader had them line up and then told them to do a 180 degree spin. Well Taz spun so fast that Kirstin couldn't stop him at 180, but he did a fantastic 360 degree spin.

Here's the group at the end, Kirstin & Taz are the dark ones between the two lighter colored horses. Kirstin was really concerned about Taz wanting to ride right next to another horse & rider but it didnt faze him at all. The only thing he didn't like was when they were doing a relay race and the horse & rider were running full speed straight at him. All he did then was move out of their way. He had no problem holding his own at there with all of them.

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Careen said...

Hey Kirsten,
It looks like you and Taz are doing great. I am so proud of both of you! Keep up the good work and keep in touch. Its great seeing your progress!

Careen Hammock