Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pictures of Taz & Kirstin

Got to love this one. Just look at the expression on both of their faces. They are truly enjoying one another.

Surprised her with this one. This was right after her dad said, Ok take him out of the round pen and have some fun.

This is one I think of her spinning Taz. At least that's what it looks like. She used him yesterday to hold some cows back while her dad tried to seperate a young heifer from the pack. Taz held his ground and did a really good job.

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Karen C. said...

What a great picture! Kirstin and Taz are both smiling! :-) Not to mentin Kirstin looks pretty darn cute up there!

Taz sure is great, and so beautiful!
Careen did a wonderful job with him. Wish I lived closer to someone like that!

Hugs to you all!!!

Karen and Tripp