Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another pic of Traveller & me

Mom wanted to know what Traveller would do if I leaned over him. Not much. He looked around, noticed it was me and just stood there. Not a good picture, he is in a hole so he looks funny. He is transforming from a brownish color to a black beauty-even has the little white star. I have been working all 3 with trailer loading, hooves and backing, our 3 worse things. Trailer loading is going great all 3 are following directly behind me and go right on and follow me off. Backing is still hard, they hate to back and nothing seems to work. I've tried tapping their front legs with a flag stick, pushing on their chest, pushing against their nose. The only thing that seems to work is just old fashioned pulling back, but we are working on it daily and we are getting much better. Trot with Mia is great, still working with Traveller-flag stick works great with him, but I'm not quite coordinated enough. Halona is wishy-washy on the trot-sometimes she does it sometimes she doesn't. Hooves are alright, they still don't stand perfectly still, but I can pick all of them up.

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Karen C. said...

Hi Kirstin, it is hard to believe we are so close! We will be leaving here two weeks from today. ACK!

You all are doing great! Tripp did great last week trotting on the lead. He did it every single time. Yesterday, nope, he wasn't doing it. I had my husband chase us around and we finally had to quit. I was tired. :-)

Love the picture of you and Traveller. He looks very relaxed.

See you soon!

Karen and Tripp