Sunday, August 24, 2008


Dad made a small platform for me. He figured we could start low and gradually add layers as the horses got used to it. Here Halona walks right on.


Karen C. said...

Hi Kirstin! Wow, you have been making lots of progress! Yay! I like the platform! This event is the first time I have played with stuff like this, isn't it fun?

You seem to have a special way with the horses. You are very fortunate to realize what one of your gifts is so early in life. :-)

Wow, it won't be long until we get to meet!

See you soon!

Karen and Tripp

Kirstin's Mustang Project 2008 said...

It's funny. I try these same things with the horses I have been riding for years-you know the domisticated ones-and I can't get them to step up on the podium. They do everything to step over or around, but not on. I think it has to do with the bond we form with the Mustangs.

sadie mae:) said...

whats the platform for?