Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thanks everyone for your well wishes. I love my Mustangs. My parents adopted my first Mustang for my 12th birthday. Her name is Sakari. My mom says that she has never seen a bond between horse and human like the bond I share with Sakari. If you've seen the film Flicka, that's me and Sakari. And yes, she did protect me from harm. She jumped in between me and a charging colt. The bad side is that not everyone can handle her-she really dislikes men. I make my babies sound like they aren't very well trained. But contrary. All three of them lead wonderfully, all load very easily on a trailer, they don't have issues with scary things. The only thing that I am really worried about is the trot at a lead, I'm the one doing all of the trotting. I am starting to get a little worried about the possibility of the freestyle performance. Trying to figure out what would be good to do. Any suggestions?
All of them will make someone a great horse, they are so loyal and love people. They can be handled by anyone. I have learned soooo much about horses since I started this project. I am hoping to keep one of mine or possibly adopt one of the older horses that have already been trained to ride. I am sure the day of the auction you will see me with tears streaming down my face.
I would love to meet all of you who have been posting here and on the EMM blog. I know that the timeframe is short. Look for me on the "Stang" Stage. Mom claims I have a good voice, so I entered the talent contest. We'll see how right she is. I will probably do a Taylor Swift song.

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EXTH said...


Looks like you are doing great!
Hope to see you in texas.
Keep up the good work. If you are having some problems trotting in hand you can go to my blog and leave acomment and maybe i can help some.
Robert and artista