Thursday, August 7, 2008

Last night's training went great. We didn't do anything different, just touched on the basics: leading, picking up hooves, grooming, tieing. I enlisted the help of my mom and dad because I thought the babies would like a change of scenery. I'm sure that the round pen is starting to get old and boring. We all went for a joy walk down our driveway. It was a totally new experience for all three. I had Mia, my dad had Halona & mom took Traveller(she calls him her baby). My dad was even able to get Halona to trot a little. All three did fantastic, heads held high taking in the newness of the experience. We went about half way down our drive(it's half a mile long) and turned around and headed home. I think we might start making these little excursions a part of our daily workout; after all, my parents have 120 acres for us to explore. Maybe next time, we will head down to the tank and see how they like the water.


EXTH said...

hi again,

try to just trot off and start with the lead rope real close to the horse.Dont pull but squeeze the rope and let it move in your hand also. So that you are making a bumping action while it slides through your hand.
It took me a while with my horse as well. Just keep trying it. Then you can also make him do some circles if the horses doesnt want to trot behind you. You need to associate forward momentum. So trot off and if he doesn't then make him do some circles then while he is doing trot circles in hand then trot off again.
It might take all your energy and But it should eventually work out. It is especially hard for me since i taught my mustnag to not be scared of the whip and rope,so I can crack a whip off of him. So I never ohit him with a rope or whip in a manner that forces him to move from it. So now you have to try to communicate and be the leader so that he will follow you anywhere and however you gait.
Let me know if this helps.
Robert and artista

EXTH said...

that roan stang is awesome looking. And looks like a very friendly one.
Yesterday we went to a gymkhana and won 2 3rd place ribbons and a 4th out of 8 riders. wow .lol
And today we went to cowboy mounted shooting practice. I shot a gun off him today for the first time and also walked the pattern while shooting. I have been able to crack whips off of him and stood up in the saddle and cracked my whip and then fired my gun while artista and I gave a demonstration today.

So you doing better with the trotting?