Thursday, August 14, 2008


Here's Mia. This was taken last night. I think she's grown a couple of inches since I brought her home. I'm 5'4" and she's not that much shorter. I can't believe how big she is.


Karen C. said...

Hello Kirstin, I am behind on all my blog reading and am catching up today. How is the leading and trotting coming along? Tripp will do it but only when he is excited about something, then he trots right past me. :-)

Mia sure is a pretty girl! And a big girl too!

Keep up the good work and I can't wait to meet you in TX!

Kirstin's Mustang Project 2008 said...

Leading is great, trot still not so great. Mia & Halona will trot with a lot of encouragement. By the time they trot, I'm too tired to continue for long. Traveller, just prefers to watch me jog. I guess I'm getting in shape for basketball season. I am starting to get a little anxious about the competition, still feel like I have so much more work to do. But, I can't wait to meet everyone that I have been chatting with. All of you have been so nice & supportive. I can't thank you enough.

Karen C. said...

Kirstin, I got some tips on the trotting from Team Artista! Here are his suggestions:

To get him trotting behind you, try asking him (trot out in front of him and "cluck cluck, trot trot") as soon as he leans on the halter and pulls back against the pressure, turn back to his hip and make him lunge around you at the trot, then try it again. Some horses will pick up on the idea real quick, others need more time and several good smacks on the butt with the lead rope (The quickest one I had figure it out was about 10 minutes of repetition, the longest about an hour). Soon they learn that it is much easier just to trot behind you than to be chased around in a little circle.
The other thing you can try, which worked with Artista, but doesn't always work for every horse, is to have a buddy chase him along from behind while you ask him for trot on the lead. Some horses will learn quickly this way, while other will learn that they trot on the lead... but only when there is an instigator behind. :)
Let me know if that helps.

Tonite I tried the trotting in circles with Tripp, and he was not getting it. I finally had to trot by him while he was in his circle, and stop real quick before he did. I needed a rest, so I needed to make it look like he did it right before I stopped. Tomorrow or Thursday I will have someone move behind him. :-)

Good luck and let me know if it works for you!