Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Last night was very interesting. I decided that Mia was being just a little too pushy, not dangerous just not respecting my space, so I decided that I would put my older Mustang mare(Sakari) in with her for a little while. It didn't take Sakari long at all to put Mia in her place. At first Mia wasn't giving very much to the pressure from Sakari, but before it was all said and done Mia was knocked down a notch or two. I then decided to try ponying her-I have never done that, but my old gelding did a fantastic job. Still can't seem to get her to trot at a lead. It was then Halona's turn. We started out with ponying her, she did great. Then with the help of my dad we were able to get her to trot at a lead. Picking up hooves with her is a breeze. We ended the evening with Traveller. He impresses me the most. I have only had the halter on him since 7/12 and he has become so accomadating. Does just about everything I ask of him. I was having a problem picking up his rear hooves, he didn't like to be touched on his rear legs, but last night I was able to get both picked up without any difficulty. I still feel that I am so far behind, but I keep reminding myself that these are still very young horses and what I have done up to now is pretty amazing. I love the feeling when I go outside and the minute they see me, they neigh. I know that I'm doing something right.

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Eric Clayton said...

Good luck! I was hoping to make the drive up to the Reno competition but it doesn't look good. Awesome blog, thanks for helping promote our Mustangs!! :)