Monday, August 31, 2009

Another trip to the arena

Things didn't go a good as expected. Took Tuff to the arena, arranged to have a PA System there so that Kirstin could practice some stuff for a possible finals and Tuff decided that he was going to be difficult to say the least. He was acting full of himself and would not listen to anything Kirstin asked. She would ask for a trot and he would start trotting and then turn to kicking up his heels and rearing. So uncharacteristic of him and I'm not sure what to do about that. So any suggestions would be great. How do you train a yearling not to start kicking up their heels when you try to lead them at a trot??? He's a baby, they love to play, right? Then she would just try to walk him and he would try to run off with her. All this time and he has been so well behaved and 3 weeks before the show, he starts to act like a little toot! Should Kirstin do more lunging work before trying to work him in an open arena? Any tips would be great.

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Karen C. said...

ARGH! Tripp did that to me and I was afraid he was going to do a little rear and pounce on me! I just worked him more in the round pen - changed directions a lot, then would go to something else, lunge again and change directions a lot, go back to the bridge or a walk over the dirt pile, then do it again...
Another thing is letting him loose in the arena and chasing him around. He has lots of room to play at home, but for some reason it is different at the arena, and when you play chase, they can have so much fun! Maybe he just needs to get it out of his system. You are right tho...he is a baby, and they like to play!

Good luck and keep us posted!

Karen and Tripp