Friday, August 21, 2009

Toooo Cute!!!!!!!!!!

Kirstin's nephew, Daniel, is at the stage where he wants to hug everything and he loves Tuff. So he gave Tuff a hug. Tuff didn't mind having a toddler hanging onto his leg. Too bad Tuff wasn't one of the older riding horses, because I think he would have been really easy to train to ride. He is so accepting of everything and is so smart and willing to work.

Tuff even stood still to have both of his ears examined by Kirstin's brother. He was shaking his head a little and we just wanted to make sure there wasn't anything crawling around in there, just a really dirty ear from all of the dust around here. He didn't mind having his ears examined at all, I know of some horses that wouldn't even let you touch the ears much less look around inside of them.
Notice the new pink halter that Kirstin's sister bought for Tuff. We did say that he is "Tuff-E-Nuff" to wear pink in memory of people like Kirstin's grandmother who died of breast cancer and in honor of all who are fighting the fight. Tuff is proud to wear pink.


Hoof'n It said...

Oh my gosh! I am a sucker for little kids who love on horses!
This is just too cute!

Karen and Tripp

Karen C. said...

I also love that Tuff is Tuff-e-Nuff to wear pink! Cancer is such a horrible disease! Hugs to you all!