Monday, August 17, 2009

Tuff goes to the arena

First time for Tuff to be in an open arena. Plenty of room to run around, but he stays with Kirstin and really behaves himself nicely. I think Kirstin was a little surprised by how well he bahaved.

This arena is on the top of a hill and right off of I35 so there was quite a bit of wind and a lot of traffic noise but that didn't seem to phase Tuff.

We forgot to bring the props that Kirstin uses when she trains Tuff, so we had to improvise and find things at the arena that would work. Gave Tuff something new to go through.

Trotting at a lead is still something that Kirstin & Tuff are having a hard time with. There for a while Tuff was trotting nicely along side of Kirstin, but recently he has decided that he doesn't want to trot. So, Kirstin has resorted back to using the flag stick and he seems to be improving. He did get a little excited and started kicking up his heels while being trotted, but I guess that has a lot to do with his age-I hope.

He even stood great for picking up his hooves. He was watching the people behind the arena pen up some calves.

This was a really great weekend for both Kirstin & Tuff. I feel that Kirstin now has more confidence.

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