Friday, August 7, 2009

Tuff's first trip

Here I sit at the computer keyboard while Kirstin & her dad take Tuff for his first outing since bringing him home. Tuff went to Kirstin's drill team practice. He is trailered with Trigger-Mr. Reliable. I am a nervous wreck. Last week Kirstin & I tried to trailer him and he freaked a little bit in the trailer which made me freak and cancel our outing, but tonight the plan was for Kirstin & her dad to drive the truck & trailer and I was going to follow behind them in my car to make sure Tuff was doing OK. Yes, I'm overprotective like that. I am normally the one who takes Kirstin to drill team practice, but tonight her dad is and he thought that instead of me following that I should just take the evening off and relax. Not happening! at least not until they come home which won't be until 11:00p.m.ish I called them every so often to check on how everything is going and Tuff is behaving nicely. Last I heard they made it to the arena and Tuff was in one of the pens there. There was no problems on the trip up there and now I have to wait for the trip home-my stomach is tied up in knots. I sent my camera with Kirstin so that maybe her dad might take some pictures, but he's not as camera happy as I am so I don't expect much. Will post any pics that he takes when I get them.

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