Thursday, August 27, 2009

More desenitizaton

Kirstin's sister & her friend were batting a volleyball around in the round pen while we were attempting to get pictures of Kirstin & Tuff with the magazine. When Kirstin lead Tuff back to the round pen the girls were going to leave, but Kirstin told them to stay and see how Tuff would react to them playing volleyball around him. No big deal, he even pretended to be the net for a little while.

Then she decided to do a little more training while the two girls continued to play volleyball. Nothing seems to phase him.


Karen C. said...

Okay, that is pretty creative, and it looks like a lot of fun! You go girls! And Tuff, you are a doll!

Karen and Tripp

Lorrie Grover said...

Hey we play volleyball with all the training horses too!
Thanks for the support on Cool being up and running again.
Keep up the good work Kirstin and we'll see you in Ft Worth soon!