Monday, August 24, 2009

Kirstin is hoping to incorporate the podium in a possible finals performance, just in case. Tuff has decided that he is not fond of the podium, but it is still early. It might be a little too tall for him, so on my way to work I thought of something new for Kirstin to do, she will have to give it a try tonight. But, on this particular day, Kirstin jumped up on top of the podium and stood in one place while Tuff circled around her. Pretty cool looking, but very hard to do because if she applied the least amount of pressure, Tuff would turn & face her so she has to figure out the right distance so that she can get the rope over her head without pulling out the slack.-after all Tuff is only doing what he was taught.

Tuff had a very bad case of warts on his nose, we are elated to announce that the warts are disappearing at a fast rate. We feel that a lot has to do with the fact that he is becoming healthier, we can see the change in him every day. His coat is as shiny as a new penny, he has more energy, looks more healthy.

Kirstin went back to school this morning. 5:30a.m. came very early for her today. Luckily her older sister is currently at home, so she has agreed to take on Kirstin's morning chores otherwise Kirstin would have been waking up at 5:00a.m. Training will now go to just once a day and couple that with homework, Kirstin is taking pre A.P. courses this year so she will have her plate full. As a matter of fact, she was up late last night finishing her summer homework for pre A.P. English. That's what she gets for procrastinating. She read the book early this summer but I think the project was larger than she expected. But, as usual Kirstin got her work completed and will turn in a well thought out project.

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Hoof'n It said...

I just got done reading the updates on Tuff and Kirstin - and I think I need a pink podium! I will be putting a bug in Brian's ear about this....hee hee!
Wow, they both are doing great, and that little tyke on the saddle was precious too! Whoever adopts Tuff sure is getting a heck of a deal.

P.S. We are coming to TX as spectators!!!! Woo hoo! We will stop by to visit!

Karen and Tripp who wants to go back to Texas!