Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kirstin trying to pony Tuff. Trigger doesn't like Tuff to much. He's a little jealous of him, Kirstin spends more time with Tuff than him. He kept turning his hip into Tuff and Tuff didn't help because he kept trying to chew on Trigger's saddle pad which made Trigger think he was trying to bite him. The two finally figured that they should behave because Kirstin wasn't giving up that easily.

Another form of yielding to pressure.

Trotting over obstacles. Tuff is getting really good at trotting at a lead. He's a little slow to start, but once he gets going, he doesn't stop until Kirstin stops.

Backing through obstacles. Backing is still slow, but progressively moving right along. He used to not turn when backing but now he will.

Still working on the bow. He is still really rough on the bow, but slow and steady progress.

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Hoof'n It said...

Hmmmm, can you come teach my mustang to bow when it is time?


Great job! His adopter will be so happy with him!

Karen and Tripp