Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuff & the leather saddle

We are thinking about buying this old leather saddle from Kirstin's drill team coach. Our grandson who is only 14 months old loves horses and loves to ride them. The saddle is a little bigger than I wanted but it is a good quality saddle and Kirstin says that it is very comfortable even though it is to small for her. Fits Tuff really well, now we need to get a smaller saddle pad. Tuff didn't mind all of the noise this saddle made. The first saddle Kirstin used on him was an Albetta and they don't make any noise and they are light as a feather where as this leather has a little bit more weight to it. Tuff didn't mind at all.

Kirstin's dad helping out. Kirstin wanted to see how Tuff would react to a rope. Obviously, he doesn't mind the rope.

He didn't even mind it being swung around him or at him, in front of him or...

behind him. I do believe cow work is in his future.
The only thing now that Kirstin is still having problems with is the back. Sometimes he does it really well, but most of the time he is still giving her problems. He tends to turn while she is backing him and resists wanting to back. Any suggestions would be welcomed.
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lauren said...

You got a good little horse there! Tell daddy to adopt him for him to ride!! lol you're doing great